be a guest at your own party

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize my menu ?Absolutely, give us a call with your ideas after looking through our menu and we can quote you a price.
  • Do you provide condiments? Yes, we will provide any condiments that compliment your meal.
  • Do you cleanup when the job is complete ? Yes, when we leave we cleanup and take everything with us except the leftovers...those are yours to enjoy.
  • How long will you serve for ? This all depends how long you need us for. Please call to discuss.
  • Do you provide silverware, plates & napkins ? Yes, absolutely. We provide high quality disposable silverware, plates & napkins.
  • What happens on the day of the event ?We show up to your event ready to work.Our Chefs will prepare all food ON SITE using specialized equipment and CHARCOAL FIRE to create unbeatable flavors and an environment sure to make the whole neighborhood Hungry!
    We set up the buffet for you, serve everything buffet style, its all you can eat. Our wait staff will be assisting your guests in the dinning room, there comes a point where your guests just can't eat anymore and at that point we clean up our mess, pack everything up and go. And we leave the leftovers for you.
  • What happens if it rains?We bring tents to cover the grills and our employees, you will have to provide the cover for your guests and the buffet tables.
  • Do you provide rentals (tables,chairs,etc..)?No. We focus on what we do best, that's providing you with the highest quality food and service.¬†


Please call us with any other questions you have